What I’m currently up to personally, professionally and everything in between.1

Mentions here are thought to be things I currently have been doing. I.e. Current not in the sense of now, but rather currently during the last days/weeks/months. Stuff like books, topics, research, sports,…


last update: 2024-02-26 03:47:46 -0600 -0600

reading The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy: Around the time when the Peter Jackson movies were released I started reading the trilogy and stopped, I think, right after the first 10 pages, I just couldn’t stand the, for me then, endless description of the Hobbit’s world. I’m quite enjoying it now though, definitely advanced into the actual story already! Reading it in German on my Kindle.

studying agile coach: a course on being an agile coach. Takes my hand from the theory to practice and formalizes, knowledge gathering over some years now. Set out for roughly three months, I should finish it end of March 2024. Online course in German.

studying French: gave up prejudice that learning languages with Duolingo does not work and took up French. I try to stick to one daily exercise. Even if I don’t learn it right or well, I try to spend free time rather doing one exercise than mindlessly scrolling some news site.

working as developer: In a small team, doing our best to bring up a online phone marketing service. I mainly focus on the backend, but do organize us, infrastructure, and so on

  1. This section is inspired by bloggers having a /uses page. I once found a site that collected those and served as index. However, it seems like I lost the link to it and can only find this example on Ru Singh’s blog in my browsing history. Thanks to Ru over on Fosstodon: the index for /uses pages can be found at: uses.tech↩︎