Servus, Hola, Hello

My name is Christian. I’m a studied cultural and social anthropologist turned social worker, coordinator and programmer. Since my studies I worked helping migrants in Austria. In my free time I work on my homenetwork and reading up on new technological developments in informational technologies or novels. I have been using Linux since compiz and 3D-cube-rotating-desktops-windows-melting-away-on-minimize were the thing. I started out with some version of OpenSuSe and then hopped distro a thousand times as one should and run LinuxMint happily since some years now. My favorites are science fiction or beat-style stories. Lately I started programming in Python, focusing on Flask and catching up on Django and FastAPI. Currently I’m in the process of creating an open source booking tool, which is already in used in my workplace, but needs some adaptions to be usably outside of this specific workflow.

On these pages I will post mostly in English (I seek to improve my writing in English), German or Spanish. Posts are divided into bigger categories (tech, personal, …) and tagged according to their content.

See my work in my showcase on this site or on github. Feel free to contact me on mastodon.